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Bike lease plan: what employers want to know

I want to offer a bike plan, how do I get in touch?

That is amazing! You can contact our External sales people directly, which you can find here. You can also contact B2Bike via our contact form. You can also always request an information package, which we will then send by email.

What delivery times can I expect for a bicycle?

Depending on the final assembly and the availability of the bicycle, this can range from 1 week to several weeks (e.g. with custom bicycles). A holiday period can also play a role in approving a bicycle. The employee can follow the file online via his/her personal code and therefore always knows at what stage the application is and who to contact in case of additional questions.

Who pays the bill if a bicycle is taken over or the termination compensation in the event of early termination of a contract?

Early termination of the contract is possible subject to payment of a termination fee when the bicycle is returned. When taking over the bicycle, we look at the outstanding debt to determine the acquisition price.

Where can employees go to lease a bicycle?

B2Bike collaborates with a network of more than 800 independent bicycle shops throughout Belgium and the border region. These stores were selected based on their professionalism, which is also reflected in the range of brands that they distribute. Almost every high-quality bicycle brand that is distributed in our country can be found in our network. On the 'Dealer locator' on this website, you can filter by your favorite brand to get a better idea of the total range.

Bike plan: what employees want to know

Can I choose any bicycle brand?

At B2Bike, unlike some other leasing companies, you have a free choice of bicycle brand that can be found in our network. From our dealer network of 800+ bicycle shops you have a range of many brands, which are supported by the dealer. This provides a quality guarantee so that you can use the bicycle safely for your journeys. However, you must always take into account the requirements of your employer, who determines which type of bicycle you may or may not purchase (racing bike / cargo bike / electric / speed pedelec, etc..). Within those conditions, you are completely free to choose the bicycle brands that can be found within our network!

I have lost a key to the bicycle lock.

It is important that you immediately contact your bicycle dealer to request a new key. It is also best to send us an email that you have lost a key and have requested a new one. You will then not get into trouble with the insurer later if a problem arises.

Can I take over an approved ART2 lock?

If you already have an ART2 lock to secure the bicycle to a fixed point from a previous leasing, this may be taken with you to a subsequent leasing.

In that case, absolute conditions are that the key number of this lock is provided at the latest when sending the receipt and that the original keys are still in your possession.

How do the B2Bike service passes work?

Maintenance is usually included in your leasecontact, where you can choose from 3 formulas, depending on how intensively you use your bicycle and what your B2Bike dealer advises. To guarantee proper maintenance, you will receive a B2Bike service pass with your bicycle. After each maintenance, the retailer will scan your card to pay for the maintenance. The service pass can only be spent at stores that are part of the B2Bike network. In the event of maintenance outside this network, you must therefore be responsible for the bill yourself. The balance of the service card can always be consulted online via

On the bike! I have a breakdown on the road, what now?

When taking out the lease, check in advance whether roadside assistance is included in the package and then know which breakdown service you are affiliated with. This could be B2Bike roadside assistance, or VAB, or ALD Assistance (Touring). Are you in doubt? Check the bicycle itself for a sticker with the correct contact number or contact us (03/ 295 92 58 (during office hours)). Do you have roadside assistance with B2Bike through direct leasing at B2Bike? Fantastic, this is the contact number: +32 (0)3 253 61 72 (24/24 and 7/7). For ALD, contact +32 (0)2 706 41 41. If you do not have roadside assistance but you still want to use this service, you must be responsible for the costs yourself.

What if my bicycle/battery/display,... is stolen?

In the event of a theft, the key is to respond quickly. The theft must be reported to the police as soon as possible, stating the circumstances and the frame number of the bicycle. With the police report (and/or other requirements), the insurance/leasing company will make a decision whether a new order can be placed. If your insurance company intervenes, you are entitled to a replacement bicycle in the meantime.


Can I, as a self-employed person, lease a bike?

Sure, you can! Feel free to visit a bicycle store within our network. They can provide you with a customized calculation under the '4 Entrepreneurs' formula and advise you on which bike suits you best. After delivering the lease proposal to B2Bike, we will inform you whether the lease is approved.

What lease terms are available?

In our '4 Entrepreneurs' formula, we apply the standard lease term, which is 36 months.

Can I terminate the contract early?

Yes, this is possible. In that case, there are two options: the bicycle is taken over with payment of the outstanding debt, or the bicycle is returned to the dealer and a termination fee is paid. If you have any questions, please contact

How is maintenance arranged?

Your local bicycle shop will not only deliver your bike, but this dealer also takes care of maintenance and repairs. Maintenance is included in your lease amount, with the choice of 3 packages depending on how intensively you use your bike and the advice of the bicycle shop. To track your maintenance budget, you will receive a B2Bike service card with your bike. After each maintenance, the shopkeeper will scan your card to settle the maintenance costs. The balance can always be checked via our website.

Bicycle dealer

I want to become a member of the B2Bike network

To become a member of the B2Bike network, you need to submit an application via the online form that you can find HERE. After this application, we will conduct an analysis and get in touch. Therefore, please fill out the form thoroughly and completely so that we can gain a good understanding of whether a collaboration would be beneficial for both parties.

How does the B2Bike service card work?

Bicycle maintenance is often included in the lease in the form of a service card. With this credit or predetermined budget of 1, 2, or 3 stars, the bike user can pay for the bike's maintenance. Please note that only transactions that fall under the category of maintenance or repair may be paid with the maintenance credit. It is therefore not allowed to use the maintenance budget to purchase items such as a special handlebar, saddle, or helmet. However, it is allowed, for example, to purchase lubricants and cleaning products for use on the leased bike, just as it is allowed to purchase items such as a spare inner tube or a tire repair kit.

How do I check the balance on a B2Bike service card?

You can check the balance via the website at If the maintenance credit is depleted before the contract term expires, any further maintenance costs will be payable by the customer directly to the bicycle shop. Any remaining credit at the end of the contractual period remains usable, up to a maximum of 5 years after the initial activation of the respective Service Card. If in doubt, you can always inquire about the start date with B2Bike!

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