B2Bike becomes carbon neutral

Our Mission

Our main goal is to become a leading example for our customers and the broader society with zero-emission mobility solutions. In this way, we strive to have a positive impact on the health of our planet. For this reason, we have made a commitment to make the world a bit greener, and over the past two years, we have worked hard towards a path of climate neutrality. All goals have been defined, a strategy has been developed, certified partners have been carefully selected and we are ready to take the next big steps. As a company, we acknowledge our social responsibility and aim to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis. Alongside with our partners, we we achieved our primary goals in 2022 and will continue to review our objectives annually. We will regularly report on this website to ensure transparency.

Our Goals

Since 2023, we at B2Bike operate entirely carbon-neutral.
We invest in the sustainability of our supply chain and our employees.
Enabling emission-free mobility solutions for everyone.

Next steps

Donating bicycles
Annually, at the BMS level, we will donate 100 (e-)bikes to various NGOs that promote access to green mobility.
Reducing our CO₂ footprint
In line with the climate agreement, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint per employee by 55% by 2030. To enhance the sustainability of our supply chain, we focus on the following aspects: reducing packaging material, extending battery lifespan, and adjusting our mindset across the entire business.
Planting trees
We plant robust native trees in Belgium and offset the CO₂ emissions of our team.
Sharing our progress
We annually publish a CSR report on our website showcasing our progress in sustainability. Additionally, we are committed to adapting our actions to the current state of the climate crisis.

Our figures


Reduced CO₂ emissions per employee by 2030.


B2Bike operates in a climate-neutral manner.


Bicycles are donated annually to certified organizations.

Download our CSR statement here!