Get on the bike of your dreams

Save up to 40% compared to buying.

Several benefits for the employee

A new bike for on the road
With your new bike, you often save time: especially in an urban environment, you're faster than with the car. Cycling means more movement, which is good for health and contributes to a better environment.
Up to 40% cost savings
By using a portion of your gross salary to pay for the bike, this results in a 30 to 40% advantage compared to a personal purchase.
Bicycle allowance
The employer may give you up to €0,35 per km bicycle allowance, tax-free. That adds up quickly.
Comfort and security
With a bike through work, you're assured of quality, insurance and/or roadside assistance, and good maintenance. This way, you're always at ease on the road.

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Selection from our offerings

Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB
Kalkhoff Entice
Gazelle Ultimate C8
Cannondale Wonderwagon Neo 1
Urban Arrow Cargo
Hase Recumbent

How it works

1. Convince your employer

Do you want a leased bike? Convince your employer. Good to know: bike leasing through B2Bike is 100% free for your employer, and you only pay a certain percentage through your gross salary! It can't get any better, right? Once your employer is convinced, we're ready for the next step!

2. Choose your bike

Choose a bike according to your own needs. In principle, you have the freedom to choose from any type and brand of bike available from our dealers. However, please keep in mind that your employer may have certain conditions. Then, you have to consider: efficiency, comfort, speed, or the space of a cargo bike?

3. Carefree biking

Enjoy the next 36 months worry-free with your leased bike! Including maintenance package, insurance, warranty, and optional roadside assistance. We can arrange it all, ensuring you're always at ease on the road.

4. Get possession of the bike

A few weeks before the end of your contract, you'll be offered the choice to return the bike or to purchase it at an attractive price! Your employer may also allow you to start a new lease period for a new bike through work!

Do you also want to be fitter and more energetic on your way to work? Plus, enjoy the tax benefits? Opt for a lease bike!

The bike plan: What employees want to know.

How does the tax benefit of bike leasing work?

In bike leasing, as an employee, you can lease a bike through your employer for three or four years. The monthly bike rent is covered by a portion of your gross salary. If you were to receive this part of your salary directly, you would have to pay various taxes and deductions, leading to a lower net amount. This includes taxes like social security, regular taxes, and employer contributions.

However, when you opt for bike leasing, you can use this specific portion of your gross salary to cover the lease and effectively avoid those taxes and deductions. This means the entire amount can go towards your bike instead of being reduced by taxes, as would otherwise be the case.

While your net salary is slightly adjusted based on the lowered gross salary, the benefits of biking far outweigh the minor reduction in net pay.

At the end of the lease period, you'll need to pay a small fee to officially become the owner of your bike.

What choices are available at the end of the lease agreement?

At the end of the rental period, we give you the option to either buy the bicycle at its residual value or not. As the end of the rental approaches, you will receive a message from B2Bike when the last month of the rental begins. We will then prepare a takeover invoice, which can be easily paid online. If you prefer not to buy the bicycle, you can simply return it to your B2Bike dealer on the rental end date. The bicycle will not be lost because after the rental period without a takeover, B2Bike will offer the bicycle again on the second-hand market for a second life!

Which types of bike can choose?

The answer is simple: you can choose any type of bicycle that is permitted within your company's bicycle policy and that can be found within our network. Within this, you completely choose which type of bicycle you wish to lease according to your specific route and budget! In that case, any brand and model that can be found at the more than 800 bicycle shops in our network can be considered. Your dealer can certainly give you useful advice if you indicate how intensely you want to use the bicycle and other preferences in terms of driving behavior, appearance, etc. Even custom-made bicycles are among the options!

Am I immediately the owner of the bicycle if I start a bicycle lease through the employer?

No, the bicycle remains the property of the leasing company during the term. After the lease you will have the opportunity to take over the bicycle at an affordable rate. When using the bicycle, you must treat it as a responsible driver and maintain it properly. You can also use the B2Bike service passes and the good advice and technical workshops of our dealers for this.

Am I obliged to order an ART2 lock from the bicycle dealer if I already have one at home?

This depends on your employer and insurance options. In any case, it must be clearly registered at the start of the leasing that the bicycle comes with an approved ART2 bicycle lock. If a bicycle lock can be taken over from a previous lease, it is best to immediately mention this lock as a comment on the bicycle shop's quotation. This makes it immediately clear to B2Bike and the employer that the bicycle comes with a unique lock. It is therefore possible to transfer an ART2 lock from a previous lease, provided that this lock is still original and still has all the keys. Please note that your employer can still request a new lock, so check your bicycle policy carefully in advance!

Can I terminate my contract prematurely?

This is possible subject to payment of a termination fee when you return the bicycle. When taking over the bicycle, we look at the outstanding debt to determine the acquisition price.

I have an ongoing bicycle lease, can I order a new bicycle before it ends?

To connect your two leases, you can indeed start a new application in advance. Once that file is approved, the bicycle shop will be notified of the date from which the new bicycle can be collected. This means there is no overlap between the two lease files and you will not run into problems with the wage exchange. On average, employees start a new application 3 months before the end of the lease. However, a maximum term can be specifically determined in the employer's bicycle policy, so be sure to inquire about this in advance with us or your HR department.

I've lost my service pass

Please contact B2Bike via We will then deactivate the lost card to prevent misuse and provide a new card. You can then collect it from your dealer. After deducting an administrative cost of €10, the correct balance will immediately be shown!

Can the bicycle also be maintained in a B2Bike dealer other than the store where it was ordered?

That's perfectly possible: the service pass is valid in every store in the B2Bike network. Please check with the dealer in question whether they have the necessary specialization & parts for your bicycle brand or type of bicycle. They may still have to refer you to a colleague. We therefore recommend that you use the dealer where you leased the bike as much as possible: after all, this is the one who has the right parts and tools to service your brand and they know you and your bicycle best.

I have a damage. Now what?

The bicycle shop makes an estimate of the damage and the insurer and the leasing company are informed of this. Sometimes insurance can request a damage report of the circumstances and photos. When the insurer approves the claim file, a repair invoice is issued. If the insurance company intervenes, you can count on a replacement bicycle, so you can always have peace of mind on the road.

What others are saying

"A bicycle plan from B2Bike has breathed new life into cycling for me. I use the bike for both work and leisure. I can get to all the places I need to be quickly, and my fitness has also improved!"
Introduce myself
Jim Bakkem, Copywriter
Stromer ST3 speed-pedelec
"In 2018, I joined the bicycle leasing plan of BASF Antwerp; I'm currently leasing my second bike. Since that day in 2018, I have been commuting regularly by bike. Cycling isn't just a way to get to work; it's also pure relaxation for me! I opted for a sports bike so that I can cover kilometers on weekends and clear my head. Of course, the weather here in Belgium isn't always fantastic, but with the appropriate cycling gear, I stay warm and dry. And no traffic jams, how blissful is that? Nothing but benefits, really. I highly recommend it to everyone!"
Introduce myself
Wim Peeters, Employee at BASF Antwerp
"The numerous trips within the city were previously primarily made using public transportation. The introduction of a fleet of bicycles quickly proved to have a positive impact. In the follow-up phase, the share of electric bicycles increased, and for supplementation and expansion, we are moving towards bicycles with higher specifications."
Introduce myself
Merel Boom, Accountant
Gazelle Avignon
5000 km
"A bicycle plan from B2Bike has rejuvenated cycling for me. I use the bike for both work and personal purposes. I'm quickly reaching all the places I need to be. Plus, my fitness has also improved!"
Introduce myself
Veerle Mertens, Lawyer
Stromer ST3 speed-pedelec

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