A company bike scheme, troublefree

Let's ride to the future

Cycling in Business Class

Company bike schemes in rental and purchase

A tailor-made bicycle plan

A customized cycling plan without worries; maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance in one handy package. We ensure a smashing launch of your bicycle plan and enthuse your employees with a kick-off information session on site, where they can immediately test a nice selection of bicycles on offer.

An easy proces

Discover our handy online tools

Handy tools

To better assist you and make everything as straightforward as possible, we are continuously developing useful tools. Our dealers can perform numerous calculations in our deal app, employers can approve a quote with just one click in the employers' portal, and employees can track their files through the employees' portal.


We give a second life to bikes that have been rented

Premium used bikes

We give all the bicycles that come back after the rental period a second life! We ensure that they are in excellent condition before offering them for sale, so you can be sure of a high-quality second-hand bike. Interested in our selection? Visit the website of bikeselection to see our collection of pre-loved bikes.



Innovative cycling infrastructure for every type of bicycle

Bike parking infrastructure

A bicycle-friendly culture includes a bicycle shed where you can leave your bicycles safely and comfortably. At our exclusive partner Husly you will find a wide range of solutions for storing bicycles. Husly's user-friendly products ensure more efficient and safer bicycle use. Your cycling colleagues, as well as customers and visitors, will certainly appreciate this. Curious about their offer? Click on the link to take a look!


How it works

1. Your wishes

Together with you, we assess the current state of your mobility and where you want to go. Do you want to make the bicycle plan cost-neutral through remuneration? What do you consider important in terms of safety, comfort, support, and short and/or long-term ambitions?

2. B2Bike gets to work

B2Bike will tailor a custom bike plan for your company, with a bike policy according to your preferences, whether it's through purchase or leasing. We take a holistic approach, examining the bigger picture and identifying strong and weak points, aiming for the maximum positive impact at the lowest possible cost.

3. Bike plan tailor made for you

Your company is unique, and B2Bike takes that into account. With your needs and preferences in mind, we can offer you a wide range of solutions. This applies both to the bike policy itself and to complementary measures such as information sessions, bike-friendly storage facilities, etc.

4. Implementation

B2Bike is happy to be present at your company to inform and inspire your colleagues. We can conduct a presentation or a kick-off information session to provide all the details about the bike plan. Through our secure online tools, every step of the process is easy to access and can be tracked in real-time.

Do you also want a fitter and more energetic team? Do you want to save space and energy? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? And all this helped with strong tax benefits? Then go for a tailor-made cycling plan.


What are you waiting for?
The benefits for your organisation
A nice additional benefit for employees, and a fitter and more productive team.
Improved accessibility of your company and space-saving on your parking.
Positive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-impact and a greener and more friendly image.
Transparent rates without surprises.
The cherry on top: an exceptionally favorable fiscal regime.
Benefits for you as an employee
Cycling is good for your health
It's an interesting form of alternative compensation
A bike tailored to your wishes and needs, without having to closely monitor the budget
Thanks to maintenance and roadside assistance, you ride worry-free
More time to enjoy

Want more information?

Still not sure what a bicycle plan can do for you? We are happy to tell you more about the benefits.