Bike leasing for self-employed

Discover the numerous advantages of bike leasing for self-employed workers or small businesses.

Advantages of bike leasing

Tax benefit
The monthly lease amount is a business expense that you can record as a cost. This results in a reduction of your taxable profit, providing you with a tax advantage. This applies to various types of businesses, including sole proprietorships and directors with a gross salary.
Cycling without worries
Your bike plan includes a Safebike insurance, maintenance package, e-bike warranty extension, and 24/7 breakdown assistance. So, no worries about unexpected costs!
The perfect combination
You can combine your leased bike with a rental car or a private car, or even with your public transportation pass. The bike is an excellent complement to any mode of transportation!
All brands and models
You have unlimited choice. You can lease any type of bike you find in the store.

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Selection from our offerings

Cannondale Wonderwagon
Kalkhoff Entice
Urban Arrow Cargo
Gazelle Eclipse
Hase Recumbent

How it works

1. Visit a B2Bike partner bike shop

Convinced? Great! Take a look at our network, visit a store of your choice, and request a calculation under the "4 Entrepreneurs" plan. The retailer will also ask for the name of your business and the business registration number.

2. Make your choice

Have you had multiple calculations made and have you been able to decide which bicycle you want to lease?"

3. Signed? Congratulations!

The store will provide us with the signed version and the store quotation. We will conduct a financial analysis, and if everything is in order, you will receive an email from us with further information. The bike is almost ready for pick-up!

4. Enjoy your cycling!

Congratulations! Everything is completed, and once the bike is ready, the store will contact you for pick-up! The monthly billing will commence on the first day of the following month. Enjoy your cycling!

Are you also ready to lease a bike for yourself as a manager or one of your employees as part of your business? Don't wait any longer!

The Bike Plan 2024: What self-employed individuals want to know.

Can I lease a bicycle as a self-employed individual?

Absolutely! You can definitely do that! Feel free to visit a bicycle shop in our network; they can provide you with a customized calculation under the "4 Entrepreneurs" formula and advise you on which bike suits you best.

Will I know in advance how much I will have to pay?

Of course! You can have a calculation made at the store, which will include the lease rate. This is the amount that will be billed monthly after picking up the bike. The lease rate covers the bicycle, accessories, any clothing, and all our services: insurance, maintenance plan, e-bike extended warranty, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

I have an SME with 5 employees, can I lease a bicycle for one of them?

Absolutely! The employee can visit a bicycle shop in our network, and they can provide the employee with a customized calculation under the "4 Entrepreneurs" formula. We review all requests and always require approval from an authorized person associated with the company registration number.

What lease durations are available?

In our '4 Entrepreneurs' formula, we adhere to the standard lease duration, which is 36 months.

How is the maintenance arranged?

Your local bicycle shop will not only deliver your bike but also handle maintenance and repairs. Maintenance is included in your leasing amount, and you can choose from three plans based on how intensively you use your bike and the recommendations of the bicycle shop. To monitor the maintenance budget, you will receive a B2Bike service card with your bike. After each maintenance session, the retailer will scan your card to settle the maintenance cost. The balance can always be checked through our website.

What if my leased bike gets stolen?

No worries, your bike plan includes Safebike insurance, a maintenance plan, e-bike extended warranty, and 24/7 roadside assistance. In case of theft, damage, or breakdown, we will always assist you further.

How does the payment for my leased bike work?

Once the bike is picked up, the store must provide us with the receipt of the transaction. From then on, a monthly invoice will be generated based on the lease rate that was already mentioned in the signed calculation.

What happens at the end of the lease?

A few weeks before the end of the lease, you will receive an email from us. You will have the option to return the bike free of charge or purchase the bike at the specified price. The choice is entirely yours.

Please note that if you want to terminate the lease prematurely, there will be additional costs involved.

What others are saying

A bicycle plan from B2Bike has breathed new life into cycling for me. I use the bike for both work and leisure. I can get to all the places I need to be quickly, and my fitness has also improved!
Introduce myself
Jim Bakkem, Copywriter
Stromer ST3 speed-pedelec
The numerous trips within the city were previously primarily made using public transportation. The introduction of a fleet of bicycles quickly proved to have a positive impact. In the follow-up phase, the share of electric bicycles increased, and for supplementation and expansion, we are moving towards bicycles with higher specifications
Introduce myself
Merel Boom, Accountant
Gazelle Avignon
5000 km
A bicycle plan from B2Bike has rejuvenated cycling for me. I use the bike for both work and personal purposes. I'm quickly reaching all the places I need to be. Plus, my fitness has also improved!
Introduce myself
Veerle Mertens, Jurist
Stromer ST3 speed-pedelec

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